Explore How to Secure Your Ideal Student Accommodation

Are you ready to embark on your university journey in Manchester or Liverpool? We’ve got great news for you! Securing your ideal student living space is now easier than ever with our simple step-by-step process. Follow these stages to ensure you’ve got a comfortable and convenient home waiting for you.

Find your new apartment

Now that you have all the information you need to book your student flat, take some time to browse our student properties in Liverpool and Manchester.

Reserve Your Student Flat

Discover your perfect student living space in the UK. Exciting news! Our streamlined student booking procedure is entirely online. Click the “Book a Room” button and complete the brief application form. This involves choosing your desired student lodging and sharing essential contact details.


Submit a Deposit for Your Preferred Student Apartment

After you finish applying for our student accommodation, you'll go to PayPal to pay a deposit. The deposit starts at £250, and the amount depends on the student development you select. This deposit is essential to secure your reservation.

⚠️ Important: Your booking isn’t confirmed until you complete these steps within 14 days. Failure to do so will result in cancellation and a refunded deposit.


Designate a Guarantor

Once your deposit is received, our team will be promptly informed and will reach out to you. All students need a guarantor for renting, so provide the name and email of your chosen guarantor. We’ll send them a brief form to fill out.


Verification Process

Once your guarantor returns the form, both you and your guarantor will be verified by Let Alliance. They’ll communicate directly with you and your guarantor for the necessary information.


Sign Your Student Apartment Lease

Upon successful verification, you’ll receive your tenancy agreement via the Let Alliance's online platform. Before signing, review the agreement carefully, and reach out if you need clarification. Remember, this is a legally binding contract.


Process Complete!

Congratulations – you’re all set. Pretty straightforward, right?! Closer to your move-in date, you’ll receive more details about settling into your university accommodation. For now, relax and anticipate your university journey, secure in the knowledge that you’ve secured the finest student lodging in your new city.

Now that you have all the information you need to book your student flat, take some time to browse our student properties in Liverpool and Manchester.


Guarantor Information: What You Need to Know

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions.

Why a Guarantor?

If you’re a full-time student opting for rent in instalments, having a UK guarantor is essential.

For residential accommodation, meeting the UK Tenant Data’s approved criteria is necessary.

In case you can’t provide a UK guarantor, reach out to our team to explore alternatives.

Choosing a Guarantor

A guarantor, 18 years or older, shares financial responsibility for your tenancy and signs a guarantor agreement.

In unforeseen circumstances where you can’t pay, the guarantor covers rent. Any outstanding payments may be pursued, making their understanding of this vital before signing crucial.

The guarantor must reside in the UK and be approved by UK Tenant Data.

Guarantor Referencing Process

– Income assessment

– Accommodation assessment

– Credit check

– Residing in the UK for at least 6 months

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