How To Celebrate International Women’s Day 2024

Mar 7th 2024

International Women’s Day 2024 is taking place on March 8th, with this year’s theme being ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress”. This annual day shines a light on all of the amazing things which women across the world have achieved, and also raises awareness about the importance of gender equality. 

Whilst we have come a long way in terms of women’s rights, we’re still yet to achieve gender equality across the globe. Within British society, women on average are paid less than their male counterparts, employment prospects are still better for men, women are discriminated against on the basis of their gender and harmful gender stereotypes are still prevalent. 

On a global scale, almost 2.4 billion women do not have the same economic rights as men, and in some parts of the world women have little to no access to education and healthcare and are unable to work, due to their gender. 

In this guide, we will be shining a light on the importance of International Women’s Day, and how you can get involved. 

international women's day 2024

International Women’s Day History 

International Women’s Day was first celebrated more than 100 years ago, on March 8th 1908 when women workers in the needle trade marched through New York City to protest against child labour and working conditions, demanding women’s suffrage. 

On 28th of February 1909, the United Nations observed the first National Women’s Day in the USA, organised by the Socialist Party of America to commemorate the 1908 protest. 

Then two years later in 1910, German activist Clara Zetkin suggested the idea of an International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen, where 100 women from 17 countries attended. Following this, March 8th became annually observed as International Women’s Day. 

Although, it wasn’t until 1977 that this important day was officially recognised by the United Nations. Fast forward to 2024, this event has grown tremendously and is celebrated in many countries around the world. On that note, find out in our next section how you can honour this day!


Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 

International Women’s Day is about shining a light on women’s equality in all its forms. So, no matter where you are, everyone can help to forge women’s equality and get involved with this annual event. 

Here at X1 Sales & Lettings, we strive to ensure positive change for women within the workforce, by ensuring that women’s voices are heard and their achievements are celebrated. 

Read on to find out a few ways you can help to play a part in narrowing the gender gap, and celebrate International Women’s Day 2024!  


Learn More About Women’s Rights 

In the digital age, there’s plenty of helpful resources out there for you to utilise to learn more about women’s rights, and their achievements throughout history. 

We’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discussing current women’s rights issues, so it’s crucial to go out there and educate yourself. 

Whether it’s hitting the books at the library, watching documentaries, or even engaging with informative posts on social media, it’s never been easier to expand your knowledge and immerse yourself in women’s stories. 

To help you with where to look, there’s tons of resources and tools available to access on the official International Women’s Day website


Celebrate Some Of The Amazing Women In Your Life

Wondering how you can take part in International Women’s Day? It can be as simple as shouting about all the women in your life who inspire you. 

If you need a little inspiration, you could upload a social media post of the women in your life who matter most with the hashtag #internationalwomensday, or you could write a letter to an important woman who means a lot to you.  

Don’t just stop there though, following on from International Women’s Day, try to make a conscious effort to uplift the women in your community.

March is also Women’s History Month so your celebrations don’t have to be limited to just one day, make them month long! 


Donate To Charities Which Support Women 

Another way you can get involved with International Women’s Day 2024 is by donating to charities and organisations that support women and the fight for gender equality. 

Some notable charities you could consider making a donation to this year include Refuge, which is the largest domestic abuse organisation for women in the UK, or Women for Women International, who are a global community that  invests in women survivors of war and conflict.

There’s plenty of other female-focused charities out there that are based in the UK, so you’re bound to find one which helps support issues that are close to your heart. Even a small donation can help to make a difference to women and girls around the world.

You could even set up your own fundraising event within the workplace or at university to celebrate this international day!



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Spread The Word To Others 

If you do learn something new this International Women’s Day, share your knowledge with others as it can inspire more and more people to get involved with this annual event. 

It’s really beneficial for male friends or family members to hear from a female’s perspective about the issues and challenges that they might experience, as it can help them to view things differently. 

You should also try to take a stance to call out any harmful gender stereotypes or biases you acknowledge, to help forge positive action. 


Attend Events Within Your Community 

Listening to women’s stories, insights and experiences are a great way to celebrate feminine power, so make sure to attend events which are taking place within your community this month. 

There’s a variety of workshops, awards, exhibitions, festivals, corporate events and more to get involved with, and you can find a full list of UK events here

If you’re struggling to find in-person events, why not join a virtual panel or workshop? There’s a variety of platforms out there so anyone can take part!


That’s it from us, we do hope you enjoy celebrating International Women’s Day, and take on board our tips for how to get involved. 

We’d really love to hear from you! How will you be celebrating this March? Tag us on Instagram @x1salesandlettings.

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