Moving Out From Your Student Flat

Embarking on a new chapter after your vibrant student life in Manchester or Liverpool? As the time comes to bid adieu to your student flat in Manchester or your student apartment in Liverpool, rest assured that we are here to accompany you through a seamless departure process. Transitioning out of your beloved student accommodations doesn’t have to be a daunting task – armed with the right plan, you can glide effortlessly into your next adventure.


Organized Departure: Saying Goodbye in Style

As you begin the process of packing up your memories and cleaning out your flat in Liverpool or Manchester, it’s crucial to orchestrate an organized departure. Here’s how to do it.

Label and Pack

Gather your keys, fobs, and permits and secure them in a labelled envelope. Make sure to include your name, room and flat numbers, and building name for easy identification.


Update Your Address

Notify companies and services about your change of address to prevent any misdirected mail. This small step can save you from a lot of hassle down the road.


Early Moves

If you’re leaving before your tenancy officially ends, be sure to include the early vacation form along with your envelope.


Return Items

Hand over the envelope to your Tenancy Care Manager at the office or the building staff. This ensures a smooth transition of your belongings and proper closure.


Inspection: Leaving No Stone Unturned

Once your keys and belongings are safely returned, it’s time for the all-important move-out inspection. Follow these steps:

Empty Your Space

Make sure your apartment is completely empty to allow for a comprehensive evaluation of the premises.


Light Up

Replace any used light bulbs to leave the apartment in the same condition you found it.


Payment Matters

If you have any standing orders set up for rent payments, cancel them after your final rent payment has been made.


Deposit Handling: Navigating the Financial Aspect

One of the most critical aspects of departure is handling your deposit. Here’s how to ensure a smooth process:

Share Your Address

Furnish your forwarding address to your Tenancy Care Manager. This is a crucial step to ensure your deposit is returned to the right place.


Checkout Report:

You will receive a comprehensive checkout report and inventory. This document will outline potential deductions from your deposit based on the condition of the apartment. After reviewing the report, if you agree with the deductions, the next step is to access your Deposit Protection Service (DPS) account.


Deposit Reclamation

In your DPS account, you can initiate the process of deposit reclamation. This ensures a secure and transparent transaction. If you disagree with any deductions, you have the option to dispute them directly with DPS.

Step 4

Farewell from X1: Wishing You Well

Congratulations on successfully completing the departure process! The X1 team congratulates you on your journey and thanks you for choosing us as your student housing provider.

Remember, if you need further assistance or guidance, your Tenancy Care Manager is just a message away. As you step into your next adventure, we wish you the best of luck and success.

Leaving behind your student life in Manchester or Liverpool is a significant milestone. With the right approach and proper planning, your departure can be as smooth as your arrival.

So, embrace the change and look forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead!

Moving Out FAQs

How do I label and pack my keys and permits?

Gather your keys, fobs, and permits and place them in a labeled envelope. Include your name, room and flat numbers, and building name on the envelope. This helps in identifying and managing your belongings effectively.

What should I do if I'm leaving early?

If you’re leaving before your tenancy officially ends, make sure to include the early vacation form along with your labeled envelope containing your keys and permits.

How do I return my keys and belongings?

Hand over the labeled envelope containing your keys, fobs, and permits to your Tenancy Care Manager at the office or the building staff. This ensures a proper transition of your items.

What is the move-out inspection?

The move-out inspection is a thorough evaluation of your apartment after you’ve returned your keys and belongings. It ensures that the apartment is in the expected condition and helps identify any potential issues.

What if I agree with the deductions?

If you agree with the deductions outlined in the checkout report, you can access your Deposit Protection Service (DPS) account to initiate the deposit reclamation process.

How do I handle my deposit?

Share your forwarding address with your Tenancy Care Manager to facilitate the deposit return process. You’ll receive a checkout report and inventory outlining potential deductions based on the apartment’s condition.

Do I need to replace light bulbs?

Yes, replacing any used light bulbs is recommended as part of the move-out process. This ensures that the apartment is left in the same condition as when you moved in.

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