The Official Guide To Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

May 2nd 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week is an important event taking place from the 13th until the 19th of May, which helps to raise awareness, promote understanding, and foster support for individuals affected by mental health issues in the UK. 

With research showing that 1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health issue, this important topic still gets left behind in conversation and there is not enough support for those suffering. 

At X1 Sales & Lettings, we are passionate about making sure our tenants and staff feel supported and valued, and Mental Health Awareness Week gives us the perfect opportunity to do just that.

In this article, we will be providing you with some inspiration on how you can get involved with this empowering event, and show everyone that mental health matters!

mental health awareness week 2024

Promote Healthy Habits 

Looking to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week? To prioritise your physical, emotional and mental health, you should try to promote healthy habits in your everyday life. 

Mental health is impacted by sleep, so you should try to aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night, and establish a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends. 

By creating a relaxing bedtime routine, you will signal to your body that it’s time to wind down – so try to turn off your phone before bed to prevent the blue light from impacting your sleep!

Another way you can promote healthy habits in your life is by spending time with your family and friends, as studies show that social connections are vital for emotional wellbeing, and they can provide support during any challenging times. 

We’d also highly suggest taking up journaling, as reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences can help you process your emotions and help you to gain self awareness. 

Whilst our busy lives can sometimes get in the way, taking time to do things that you enjoy such as going on a run, reading a book, doing a dance class, or exploring nature, can help improve your overall well being. 

healthy habits

Attend Events 

By promoting mental health awareness, the UK aims to challenge misconceptions, reduce stigma, and encourage open conversations regarding our wellbeing. 

If you’re looking to get involved and help raise awareness, there’s plenty of events taking place across the country for this week-long celebration, from workshops to classes to seminars and so forth. 

Attending events such as group meditation sessions, yoga classes, or nature walks, also helps to encourage physical activity and mindfulness can be beneficial for your mental wellbeing. 

After all, the theme for this year’s event is “Movement: Moving more for our mental health” so make sure to get out there and get moving, exercise can really help to reduce stress and anxiety! 

wellbeing events uk

Support Every Step of the Way

At X1, we’re passionate about making sure that our tenants feel supported and valued, and we believe that having someone in your corner can make all the difference. 

That’s where our amazing Tenancy Care Managers come in, they are your go-to contact for any questions or concerns you might have whilst living with us. 

We’re also all about creating spaces where you can relax and unwind, with our X1 properties featuring the likes of cinema rooms, communal lounges, outdoor areas, and onsite gyms to name a few, so you can shine a light on mental wellbeing in the place you call home! 

Mental health is a topic close to our hearts, and we’re committed to shining a spotlight on mental health awareness not just during this month, but all year round. 

Previously, we hosted events for our students for University Mental Health Day 2024 and we plan on celebrating other important events throughout the year which help to raise awareness of mental wellbeing. 

Research has shown just how vital supportive housing environments are for mental wellbeing, and we’re proud to play our part in creating those environments for our tenants across the board. 

mental health matters raising awareness

Creating a Positive Workplace

At X1, we believe that it’s just as important to focus on the wellbeing of our team members, as well as our tenants and we aim to create a supportive work environment for all of our staff. 

We encourage people to share their struggles and seek help when necessary, and try to raise awareness of mental health issues within the workplace so that no one suffers in silence. 

We’re big believers in work-life balance with one of our core values being fun, so you’ll often find us encouraging our team to recharge, get involved with team building activities, and prioritise their mental health. 

After all, when our staff are feeling their best, they can provide the best service to our residents. 

supportive workplace

Seek Support When Needed 

If you’re struggling with your mental wellbeing, there are plenty of helpful resources out there, such as on the official Mind website, the UK’s leading mental health charity. 

We would strongly advise if you’re suffering with your mental health whether it be low mood, anxiety or so on, to speak to a professional, more information and services available can be found on the NHS website.

For those living in our X1 properties, we advise you to get in touch with us if your mental health has taken a hit, and we will do all that we can to provide support and resources. 

mental health services

That’s it from us with our guide to Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, we really hope the information included has proved useful!

Don’t forget to tag us in any of your photos if you do celebrate this important week long event @X1salesandlettings.

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