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The Ultimate Guide To Moving Out Of Student Accommodation

Jun 11th 2024

Moving out of student accommodation can no doubt be a stressful time, with so much to sort out before the end of your tenancy comes around, such as cleaning the apartment, packing up all your belongings, returning the keys, and so on. 

To help make the transition easier, our team at X1 has compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to take into consideration when moving out of your student apartment! 

moving out of student accommodation

Speak To Your Accommodation Provider 

Our most important tip for those moving out of their student apartment is to ensure that you speak to your accommodation provider regarding the move out process, so that you can get clued up on when exactly you need to move out by, and how you return your keys. 

Handing back your keys may involve dropping them off to a specific location such as the provider’s office, so make sure you’re aware before the end of your tenancy so that you don’t leave them in the wrong place. 

For those living within our X1 student accommodation, you should have already received move out information, but if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your dedicated Tenancy Care Manager. 

accommodation provider

Create A Checklist 

Another important tip for those moving out of their student flat this summer is to create a checklist of all the tasks you need to complete prior to the final day. 

It’s easy to forget certain things when you have so much to think about, so to help you, why not create a list on the notes section of your phone? This way you can tick off each task you complete and you won’t be stressing at the last minute. 

For example, do you already have storage boxes or bags you can put your items in, or do you need to purchase some? By having a list of all the things you need to do, it will help you to cover all bases. 

moving out of student apartment checklist

Clean The Property Thoroughly 

When it comes to moving out of your student apartment, we’d strongly recommend that you clean and tidy the property thoroughly, to ensure that it’s in the same condition as when you moved in. 

Not sure what to pay attention to when cleaning? The spring clean should include dusting and wiping all surfaces, hoovering any carpets and emptying all rubbish bins.

During the cleaning process, you should make sure to remove all items from the property and not leave any belongings behind – even those that you don’t want to keep! 

Quite often people leave behind the likes of toilet roll and other supplies for the next tenant, but these will need to be disposed of, otherwise it can result in a cleaning charge. 

If you’re living in a cluster apartment, you should plan a day to clean the communal areas of the apartment, such as the living area and kitchen with your flat mates, as otherwise this can fall on the last person to move out. 

To ensure you get your full deposit back, make sure to check the specific instructions sent across by your accommodation provider.

cleaning student accommodation

Allow Yourself Plenty Of Packing Time 

Our next tip for moving out of your student flat is to allow yourself more than enough time to pack up your personal belongings. 

After all, you have been living in the property for a whole academic year, so it’s likely you will have accumulated more items than you moved in with. 

To help make things easier, you should sort out your items into those you are keeping, those you are disposing of, or those you are selling or donating.

We would recommend labelling each of your boxes, to make things easier when it comes to unpacking! 

If you have any unwanted items, you could donate them to a charity shop, or even get some extra pennies by selling on Depop or Vinted. 

packing up student flat

Think About Storage Options

To help make the move out process as stress free as possible, you should consider storage options if you’re not moving into your next student home for quite some time.

If you need to arrange transportation to take your items home with you over the summer, it’s best to plan this in advance as tons of other students will have similar ideas and availability may be in short supply. 

Living with the same provider for the next academic year? You may be able to pay an additional charge to leave your belongings in the property over the summer, although not all companies offer this. 

thinking about storage options

Take Photos Of The Property

At the end of your tenancy, we would advise you to take time stamped photos of the condition of the property, so that you have proof of how you left it, should any deposit disputes arise. 

This tip is also relevant for moving into your new student home so, make sure to take photos on your first day so that you have proof of any existing damage. 

Whilst we’re on the subject of deposits, remember to be honest about any damages or repairs that have occurred since you lived in the property.

We’d also recommend double checking your tenancy agreement so you understand what maintenance you are responsible for, and what the provider is responsible for.

taking photos within apartment

Hand In Your Keys On Time 

Before handing in your keys and saying goodbye to your student apartment, be sure to look in all drawers and cupboards to double check you haven’t left anything behind. 

Remember, not only do you need to hand back the keys for your apartment, but you also need to return any access fobs or key cards for the property before the end of your tenancy. 

If you’re able to do so, we would suggest asking for a receipt for proof that you handed back your keys on time.

handing back keys student accommodation

It’s completely normal to feel stressed about moving out of your student flat, but hopefully with these helpful tips, you’ll now feel at ease. 

Once you’ve done all of these things and handed back your keys, you can enjoy a well deserved break from exams and assignments! 

From all of us at X1 Sales & Lettings, we really hope that you have enjoyed your stay with us and have had a fantastic student experience. 

Are you still searching for accommodation for the next academic year? We have a range of student flats within Manchester and Liverpool

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