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Oct 12th 2020

Top interior tips to make your student room a sanctuary.

The best way to feel at home in your new place is to make it your own. Check out our guide to transforming your room, with some inspiration from our very own student accommodation in Liverpool!

Green, green and greener ?

Breathe life into your room with a collection of good ol’ plants. Whether your a fan of the fake or a dedicated waterer, a plethora of greenery is a sure-fire way to brighten the place up.

Home Bargains & Wilkos have great options that are cheap as chips.

Check out the work of our green fingered residents in X1 accommodation.

Lighting is everything ?

Never underestimate the power of a fairy light. Wrap these bad boys around anything – your bed, desk, wardrobe, even a plant! The possibilities are endless.

A little bundle of lights makes any space instantly cosy. The perfect addition for winter ❄️

Make your desk space your happy place ?

Lets face it, you’re going to be studying from home a lot. It’s not ideal, but why not make the most of it and create the best work space you can! Here’s our top tips –

  • Hang cute frames above your desk
  • Pen pots keep everything contained!
  • A small plant is always a winner
  • Pop a scented candle on to keep you relaxed
  • Save plenty of space for your laptop – don’t overcrowd it!

Bedtime is the best time ?️

If you like to keep decor pretty simple, why not make your bed the star of the show? A set of bold bedding, a chunky throw and some textured cushions can transform your room. Head to Primark, their home range is ?

Take inspiration from our student accommodation in Liverpool.

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