Legal Notices & Finance Team

X1’s Legal Notices & Finance Team: Your partners in secure property management, offering rent protection, legal expertise, and global financial solutions.

What happens if tenants don’t pay their rent

If the unfortunate circumstance arises with a tenant not paying their rent, we have got you covered. We are partnered with an insurance provider to offer Rent Protection Insurance. This gives you the peace of mind that if a tenant misses their payments, you will still be covered by the insurance policy in place.

Serving of Legal Notices

We have seen it all over our 10 years of experience in the property industry, so we know how to get your property back into your possession as quickly as possible.

From late rental notices and rental increases to re-possession notices, our team will ensure the correct serving of any notices which can be crucial when it comes to winning any court cases or having them thrown out before a hearing.

Dedicated Finance Team

X1’s dedicated in-house Finance Team focuses on maximizing your return on investment and processing your rent as quickly as possible. Our team will also chase rent arrears, ensure your deposit is protected, and provide you monthly statements of your account so you can see all income and expenditures.

Property management for non-residential and oversea landlords

We work with a large number of overseas landlords and therefore we are experts in processing payments to international bank accounts and dealing with Non-Resident Landlord tax.

This can be very confusing for anyone new to overseas earnings and the tax implications with HMRC, so our team is more than happy to help and answer any questions.

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